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جيب جراند شيروكي أس آر تي 8 | المحركات الرقمية

A breakthrough towards change, since 2007 the Grand Cherokee has been the record holder for racing. When Jeep decided to put the SRT brand on the Grand Cherokee, it had a vision that would give them the ability to fiercely compete with their German counterparts, and Jeep was able to realize their vision. Today, we…

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Ahmed Darawi - My story in the world of motorcycles

الدراج أحمد درعاوي - قصتي بعالم الدراجات النارية

During the short video, the biker Ahmed Darawi talks about his beginnings in the motorcycle world. His passion for his bike, as well as his love for the world of motorcycle modification, led him to retrofit his first bike. Ahmed also spoke through the short video about his hobbies that are specialized in artistic and…

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ktm amman by MotorFiction

Racer Abdullah Al-Saba – My story in the world of motorcycles

During the short video, Jordanian champion Abdullah Al-Sabaa talks about his beginnings in the world of motorcycles, his experiences and adventures in motorcycle races and rallies (Motor Cross and Enduro). The champ also talks about his dream of participating in the most difficult rally in the world, "Dakar Rally 2022", as well as the motorcycle…

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Jaguar XE by MotorFiction

علامة تجارية إنجليزية فاخرة - جاكوار XE | اختبار القيادة

Today we present to you the Jaguar XE P250, which is considered one of the most important cars in the history of Jaguar, in addition to being the first compact sedan to join the Jaguar fleet. In 2001, Jaguar began competing with German manufacturers and others around the world through the X-Type. Jaguar took its…

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