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Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport | MotorFiction

Today, Fawaz Dahdal from MotorFiction decided to take you on an adventure with him to test the Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport in Wasfi Al-Tal forests, especially in an area that is considered one of the stages of the Forest Rally. In short, the Toyota Land Cruiser GR is ready to go with you…

Donuts with the Toyota GR 86 Test Drive| MotorFiction

The 2023 Toyota GR 86 test drive on the track - Manja International Circut- Toyota Central gave us an opportunity to test a car in the most enjoyable place in its class and certainly the most beautiful. Watch the GR 86 test drive with Fawaz Dahdal from MotorFiction and tell us what you think of…

A tour with the Hyundai Creta 2023 | MotorFiction

A special experience during the launch of Hyundai Creta 2023 in the Middle East, of course we were present in this special event at the special invitation of Al Wahda Vehicles Trading, and both Hyundai Motors in Jordan. Watch the video to know more about the Hyundai Creta 2023.

Nissan Sunny 2022 – Made in Mexico

It's everything you're looking for, and more. Nissan Sunny features intelligent mobility technologies that keep you safe and connected to the world. Do you want to personalize your character? In Nissan Sunny you will find what you want. Interior technologies enable you to customize everything, from the speedometers to the temperature. In terms of performance,…

Is Porsche Taycan the best electric car on the market?

Since the beginning of the electric car industry, we are used to being cars that transport you from one place to another at the lowest costs with a quantity of technology that eliminates any communication between the driver and the car, and it also cancels any distinctive driving experience, but the car that we will…

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